Thinking Hats

Providing customised, high quality and unique training programs delivered by our own pool of experienced and capable facilitators and trainers.

Charge Up

A comprehensive, intensive and engaging program to significantly improve graduate employment ‘fit’ with organizations by ensuring graduates are work-ready and performance focused, armed with the right skills and attitude to perform in the industry.

Wine Appreciation

Social status is not a given; it’s about perception by others. This unique, hands-on experience will elevate your social grace and status in the business world through the sound knowledge of wine.  The ability to appreciate wine and to articulate, or express that appreciation is the perfect global symbol of your social status, due to its complexity, poetry, and geographical ubiquity.


Learn the skills necessary to communication more effectively in the business environment.  Gain the confidence and the competitive advantage to write and present more persuasively and convincingly. We assist companies achieve their goals by designing and facilitating highly bespoke business communications in English courses.

Coaching & Mentoring

Achieve the declared team goals and raise the energy and gain alignment within the whole organization.  RENEW belief in employee talent and abilities to influence the change in team members.

RECHARGE internal motivation and passion for continued success at work. RECONNECTION among management team by acknowledging each other strengths and appreciating each other’s contribution. RESULTS! RESULTS! RESULTS!


Executive development courses in work management and financial resource management skills targeted for enhanced work performance.  and  that would be demonstrated by the learner’s application of the knowledge learnt and his or her problem-solving ability.

Project Management

Across the globe, there is a gap for skilled project management personnel. While technical skills are core to project management, Project Management Institute research tells us they’re insufficient in today’s increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace. Learn the fundamentals of Project Management methodology, skills, tools and techniques based on Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices and be equipped you with the skills needed to meet the growing demand in project management.

Making Sense of Business

This is an exciting, engaging business simulation that provides hands-on experience in executive problem-solving and decision making:  to help employees understand how and why business decisions are made. Formatted as a board game, it gives participants the responsibility for operating a business.  They wrestle with managing overhead and operating costs, bidding on contracts, investing capital and allocating resources.  As a business team, they have to make quick, accurate decisions in the best interest of their company and shareholders in a competitive environment.

Wellness Wednesdays Webinar

Watch the live recording of our November 2020 webinar series on wellness.  Our personal and professional wellness experts presented on three topics:

  1. Sleep – The Foundation to Performance
  2. Peak Health Peak Performance
  3. Imagining Better Workplaces

Powerchats: Brand Communications Webinar

Watch the live recording of our August 2020 webinar series on brand communications. Our brand communication experts presented on the three topics: 

  1. Embracing New Social Trends
  2. Communications Planning on a Pivot and
  3. Return on Relationship.


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