Thinking Hats

Charge Up

A comprehensive, intensive and engaging program to significantly improve graduate employment ‘fit’ with organizations by ensuring graduates are work-ready and performance focused, armed with the right skills and attitude to perform in the industry.

The Brand Called U – Ascending Self Awareness

To relate to the concept of personal branding and the power of heightened self awareness. To recognize personal brand attributes that could create and craft the best ‘version of you’. To apply Arruda’s Extract, Exude and Express philosophy in self branding and how to reflect the outcomes in your resume.

Pushing Peak Potential : Personal Mastery & The PDP Plan

To describe the concept of Personal Mastery with reflective examples and practice self initiative on personal growth. To internalize the alignment of personal and professional goals on the Learning Curve. To craft and translate specific goals into a PDP Plan for purpose of a career launch to complement your CV.

Digitally Smart

To explore and exploit the digital tools for work efficiency. Creating a positive online presence through building an impactful e-portfolio. Empowering online communications and collaborations tools.

Confident Communication

To discover how to make communication effective in the workplace. Minding your language: Making words work for you. Flexing that courage muscle. Introducing practical tips on delivery like DEFEATS and experience pitching with confidence. Valuing feedback on performance as a ‘gift for growth’. Applying Active Listening elements,

Towering Leadership

Enhancing leadership qualities that would stand out in a person. Learning the 6 different Pillars of Leadership. The Leadership Bank Account: Identifying factors that can hinder or accelerate leadership.

Energy Thru Team Synergy

Building effective team skills with experience and exposure for maximizing team goals. Address team dynamics and develop team coping skills. Applying 5 Love Languages. Recognize and utilize skills sets to synergize and complement team output through fulfilling team experiences.

In Stride & Seek

To breakdown the way of thinking and thought processes; to stimulate ‘thinking about thinking.’ An exposure to real life problems of companies from different industries and how they solved it with creative and critical thinking. Explore various problem solving techniques and tools through experiential learning. Group problem solving and the application of Edward D Bono 6 Thinking Hats.

Ace-ing the Interview

Mock interviews and to evaluate good points and areas of improvement from approach, tackling interviews and making a lasting impression. Sharpen your credentials; The winning CV.

Time Trek & Get Grit

To understand the art of prioritizing in time management and identify time wasters or time savers. Mental model to apply and implement by Stephen Covey. Develop resilience in face of adversity and persistence in pursuit of performance goals.

The 360 Outlook

Introducing the appraisal concept. Dealing with superior. Enhance relationship with co-workers. To develop conflict handling skills.

A Whole New World

Understanding the significance of corporate culture in executing their job tasks. Learning about how industries work and the functionalities of departments. Exposure to companies’ account handling including customer and clientele relationship.

Bridging the Gap

Workplace Integrity: To understand acceptable and unacceptable behaviours at work. To recognize the Human Resource Perspectives in the employment journey. To relate to the concept of the Psychological Contract in Employment.

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