Effective Communication for Leaders

In this 2-day workshop, participants will be equipped with:
1. Awareness of their emotional intelligence
2. How to apply mindful communication with the team
3. Easy-to-use NLP techniques that will enhance
     their communication skills


Critical & Creative Thinking

Creativity, in the business world at least, can be honed with awareness, knowledge and practice. It is a skill which can be learnt- at any age. Here is just a glimpse of what you will learn:
1. Techniques to brainstorm new ideas to improve work & business processes.
2. Reprogram your thought processes from a can’t
do to a can-do attitude.
3. Trained to always look at the solution in every

Effective Meeting Facilitation

Participants will learn how to :
1. Adapt the mindset of professional facilitators.
2. Understand the role of a facilitator and how it is different otherwise.
3. Apply the framework for conducting successful meetings.
4. Use the techniques to achieve the various meeting objectives.
5. Use the various virtual tools and make the most out of your meeting.

Storytelling for Professionals

One of the unique areas of this workshop is:
1. Assisting the attendees to recognise the common error made by most presenters which adversely impacts their      presentation.
2. Get participants to understand fundamental presentation concepts.
3. Master story telling methods that can transform their speech immediately. 

Presenting with PIPI (Power Impact Purpose Influence)

Discover the secrets of influential speakers and unlock your true potential as a presenter. You will also get to:
1. Master the art of commanding the stage with poise and confidence.
2. Craft persuasive narratives that resonate and inspire action.
3. Connect on a deeper level and create lasting impact.
4. Drive change and motivate others to embrace your vision.

Effective Communication & Business Writing Skills

This 2-day programme gives guidance to:
1. Ensure the purpose and message are not lost in translation in day-to-day communication.
2. Present thoughts with confidence, clarity, and success – making speaking and writing no longer a dread.

Handling & Managing Difficult Customers

This course serves as a tool for:
1. Participants to understand the needs and psychology of customers and their expectations.
2. Focus on realistic tools which help build strong relationships with customers, even if occasionally they need to politely decline requests and remain professionally assertive.

Communication Excellence

The objective of this program is to ensure everyone in the organization understands and learns the following:
1. Communication skills with different personalities.

  1. The unspoken language: Body Language and how it impacts how we communicate.
  2. Managing conflicts and striving for a harmonious environment.

Crisis Communication: Crafting Compelling Messages in Critical Situations

Executives will get to:
1. Acquire essential communication skills, enabling them
to craft clear, empathetic, and consistent messages for both internal and external stakeholders.
2. Learn how to maintain transparency,
build trust, and navigate the media landscape during times of crisis.

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